Gayle Horton is the founder of The Journey Remembered, LLC, and has done extensive work in the field of geriatrics for over 30 years. Gayle believes that there is a real person inside the older adult with cognitive decline and that the person can be reached by engaging the areas of the brain that have not completely deteriorated. The anecdotal evidence of the level of engagement from the first test DVD has been overwhelming. Over the past year, hundreds of senior industry professionals and older adults have offered glowing praises for this form of entertainment.  To read about DVD's in OR Today magazine, please CLICK HERE.


The Journey Remembered is a series of DVDs designed to:

  • Entertain and engage people with all types of memory loss, including Alzheimer's and dementia.
  • Stimulate conversation with family and caregivers.
  • Provide positive stimulation to help reverse the negative thoughts from impaired thinking.
  • Entertain and relax the viewer with pleasant visual and musical entertainment.
  • Create access to deep rooted memories of the past.

The Journey Remembered on Fox 5 Atlanta TV

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