We all wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  As Care Managers we are often asked what to buy for older adults.  Here are some gift suggestions.

  • A gift of postcards or lined stationery with a return address labels and postage stamps.

  • A gift certificate for their favorite grocery store or restaurant.

  • An assortment of greeting cards for birthdays and anniversaries, as well as get-well and sympathy cards and add the postage stamp to each one.

  • A "certificate" for house cleaning, laundry, or anything that you could do to help the senior make some minor repairs. Even changing a light bulb can be a dangerous task!

  • A “certificate” to drive them to church, shopping, or a doctor’s appointment.

  • A gift to Seniors with limited income, put some cash in a card and suggest that they buy something that they would like.

  • A subscription for their favorite magazine or the daily newspaper.

  • A gift basket of healthy items; fresh fruit, cans of tuna or chicken, hearty soups, instant coffee or assortment of teas.

  • A large-print calendars with family birthdays, anniversaries marked and personalized with family photographs.

  • A large-print address books with all of the  information transferred from their old address book.

  • A special gift of restoring old treasured photos and placing them into a new album, with names and dates before they are forgotten.

  • You may hear "Please don't give me anything," that usually means, "I have more things than I need." The most precious gift you can give is of your time!



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